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Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues - Live Draft Rules

League Overview

  • 12 teams / 3 divisions of 4 teams. League play is head to head competition. All Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues will run with 12 teams
  • All Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues have real time scoring. 6 of 12 teams qualify for playoffs
  • All Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues use the same format (see League Scoring)
  • Live Draft Leagues – 18 round serpentine draft


Live Drafts: Your team roster is updated as you make the selections online! The draft timer will be set at 90 seconds per selection. This type of draft will normally take 1 to 2 hours to complete. The draft order for all drafts will be randomly set by the computer. See league home page for more information about the draft.

Actual draft dates and times may vary. Check the signup form to see date/time availability.
LIVE DRAFT LEAGUE - Dates and times.

All draft times are approximate. They will start no earlier than the scheduled start time and then run every fifteen minutes there after. You will receive an email with your exact start time and there will be a countdown clock on your league home page. It is your responsibility to be logged in and ready for your draft 15 minutes prior to the start time. If you do not make the live draft, the computer will draft your team for you using ADP (average draft position).

We highly recommend that you take the time to do a mock draft. Mock drafts run every 10 minutes and they allow you to get familiar with the draft software. Here is the direct link to the mock draft room. Mock Draft Link

You will be REQUIRED to draft a complete starting lineup.

There is no trading during the draft. Please see “Trades".

In the event an owner allows the time limit to expire, the league software will immediately select the best player available and will continue to do so until you sign in.

Player Eligibility: Only players currently in the NFL, which means they are on an NFL team roster, are currently a NFL free agent player in search of a team or rookie players that were drafted to an NFL team (even if they're unsigned) are eligible for the fantasy draft.

League Schedule

Teams start playing during week 1 of the NFL season. You play each team in your division twice and the 8 non-divisional teams once. The regular season lasts for 14 weeks; the playoffs begin in week 15 and the league Championship is in week 17.

If the NFL reschedules a game or games for ANY reason, the statistics from those games will count for the week in which the game is actually played. If this were to happen after the rosters lock at 1pm on Sunday, you would receive zero points for the players involved.


Each week, all of the information, such as standings, available free agents, weekly results, game-by-game breakdowns and more, is posted online on your league's web page. Starting lineups are posted BEFORE the games start.

Free Agents

All Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues use a Blind Bidding system to acquire free agents.

Blind Bidding (BBid) waivers process Wednesday at 10pm EST. At the beginning of the season, all teams are given $200 in bidding dollars (not real money). To pick up a player off waivers, you must put in a bid. The team that has the highest bid for that player will get him. Since this is a blind bidding process, no one knows what the others are bidding. Once all the bids are processed, first-come-first-served waiver will start Wednesday at 11pm EST and run through 1pm on Sunday. The FCFS waivers do not cost any bidding dollars.

Bids go in increments of $1. Bid Minimum is $0.

  • If you win the bid at $28, and the next highest bid was $19, you still pay $28 for your player.
  • If there is a tie bid, the player is awarded to the team with the earliest submitted bid.
  • Note that if you wish to receive one player over another than it will be required that you submit a higher monetary bid on that player as there is no priority when submitting your bids.
  • You may bid $0 on a player. If no other owners submit a bid, you’ll receive the player.
  •  Any time you edit your bids the system applies a new time stamp to the bid. Keep this in mind since ties are determined by the earliest submitted bid.  

Any player not currently on an active league roster is a free agent (NFL players only).

If your team roster is full and you acquire a player, then you must drop a player.

Players picked up are available immediately for that week's action or for trade to another team.

"Dropped Players" and "Waiver Wire Transactions" are final. That being said, from time-to-time owners accidentally drop players. The owner might confuse player's names or simply click the wrong button. When this happens, email us and we will correct it at our sole discretion. It is imperative that we are notified prior to the player going through Blind Bidding. If the player is awarded to another team during Blind Bidding it is final.

Dropped Players will not be available on Waivers until the next free agency period.

Blind Bidding will start in early August (check league calendar for exact dates). There will ONLY be one period of first come - first served claims in the pre-season. It will be the week before the season starts and will run from Wednesday at 11pm until Sunday at 1pm.


Please see our "League Information" section for scoring rules.


Owners must start 1 QB, 1 RB, 1WR, 1 TE, 1 Team Kicker, 1 Team Defense. Then any combination of 3 more RBs, WRs and TEs – for a TOTAL of 9 Starters.

Owners can set starting players up until each game time. Once a game has started, all players involved in that game are frozen as starters or bench players.

You May Not Submit a Partial Lineup.


There is no limit to the number of players a team can trade in a given week. Both teams need to give approval and list terms of the trade for it to be confirmed. Once approved by the league Commissioner, the trade will be official. Trade results will be posted on the website for each league. As a trade is approved, the team(s) rosters will automatically be updated and a transaction record will be listed. Trades must be completed and confirmed by both sides before 5pm Saturday each week and can only be done during the league's regular season, after week two of the NFL regular season and prior to week six of the NFL regular season.

If a trade is one-sided or collusion between owners is suspected, the trade will not be allowed.

All trades have to be balanced and may either be 1 for 1 or 2 for 2. Any trades involving more than 4 players will be automatically rejected.

All transactions are final.


Divisional Standings: Will be sorted 1st by winning percentage, if needed then by divisional winning percentage, then by total Points For, then by total Points Against (if still tied then by a coin flip).

The divisional winners will then be ranked for the playoff bracket 1-3 1st by winning percentage, if needed then by total points (if still tied then by a coin flip).

Wildcard Spots: The best 3 teams of the remaining 9 will be the wildcard teams. They will be sorted by winning percentage, then by total Points For, then by total Points Against (if still tied then by a coin flip). Their playoff ranking will be 4-6

Playoff Bracket: 1st Round (week 15) The 2 top division champs will have a 1st round playoff bye week. The remaining division winner (3rd seed) will face the lowest seeded (6th seed) wildcard team in the 1st round. The remaining two wildcard teams (4th & 5th seed) will face each other.

Playoff Bracket: 2nd Round (week 16)

The 1st seed will play the lowest remaining seed.

The 2nd seed will play the highest remaining seed.

League Championship (week 17)

Winners advance to the League Championship.

If a playoff game ends in a tie - the tie will be broken by the highest scoring starting player, then the 2nd highest scoring starting player etc. (DF/ST and Kickers are not used for tie breaker).

League Prizes

All prizes won are paid at the end of the season. Prize money will be deposited into your LeagueSafe account.


Any transaction that leaves a team without a complete starting lineup will NOT be processed.

Abandoned Teams: Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues will run abandoned teams. They are not eligible to win any prize money. Masters Fantasy Football run teams are not dead teams. Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues run teams function like any other team. What we feel is the best lineup will be used. These teams will only participate in waiver pickups in order to fill a starting lineup. Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues run teams are not available to trade with.

Conduct: Conduct that is deemed detrimental to the league or to Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, posts and or emails that are harassing in nature and serve no legitimate purpose other than to cause discord within the league or the Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues organization. There is a difference between expressing viewpoints or likes/dislikes of a league or format and personal attacks toward fellow owners or the commissioner. Also, vulgarity in emails or on the message board will not be tolerated.

Failure to comply may result in IMMEDIATE EXPULSION WITHOUT REFUND. In addition, attempts to negatively impact the integrity of the league (i.e. threatening or outright refusal to submit lineups, partaking in bogus trades, disruption of a live draft etc.) will result in an immediate expulsion, without refund, from Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues.

Masters reserves the right to set your lineup for you if in our opinion you are intentionally trying to lose games.

If you have no future games scheduled, (meaning the regular season is over and your team is not in the playoffs) you are NOT allowed to make any roster moves.

If a player’s official position changes during the season (On official team site. Think Ty Montgomery 2016), you may ask us to change his position on your team to his new position. You must ask us, this is not automatic. If you do not ask, he will maintain his original position.

One entry per league per customer.

All Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues are games of skill.

Masters will offer a Beginners Only Contest using our Tin Live Drafts (our cheapest entry leagues). These contests will only be available for customers who are new to Masters (have never played on our site in previous years).

The Beginners Only Contest will be posted and featured as a learning experience only offered to brand new Master’s customers.

Masters defines a Beginning Player as someone who has never played on our site before. Masters defines Highly Experienced Players (Expert Players) as any player who has entered more than 1,000 contests at Masters Fantasy Football or won more than three prizes valued at $1,000 each from Masters.

Covid-19 IR

Masters will be using a Covid-IR if the NFL keeps a Covid-IR in place. If the NFL does away with the Covid-IR, we will do the same.

The IR will be unlimited, meaning any player with the NFL Covid-IR designation will be eligible to be placed on Masters IR. Also, any player that opts out of the season due to Covid-19 will be eligible for the IR. When each player is removed from the NFL’s IR, you will need to make a roster adjustment prior to being able to set your lineup.

To add a player to the Covid-19 IR, simply hover over (or click) “For Owners” at the top of the page and choose “Injured Reserve”. You can also click on your team name and select "Injured Reserve" from the list of options.

From there you check the player(s) name under Deactivate to IR and finally click “Perform Injured Reserve”.

Players on the Covid-19 IR can be traded – but keep in mind the team getting the player MUST have an open spot on their roster. The player will NOT go to the new owner’s Covid-19 IR – the player will go to their active roster. If an open spot is not available, the trade will NOT go through. If both owners are trading a Covid-19 IR player, they are both required to have an open spot on their roster.

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