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Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues – The Great Orphaning

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Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues is home to what we believe is the largest grouping of Dynasty Leagues on the planet. We currently have over 750 Dynasty Leagues consisting of more than 9,000 individual franchises.

Our franchise renewal rate is over 90% - but that still means we will have a lot of Orphans. Each year on the Sunday after Father’s Day we post all of these orphans in mass, we call this “The Great Orphaning” and it is our biggest single Dynasty Day each year. We post the Orphans in waves, we post Tins ($36) at 10am, Coppers ($63) at 11am and Bronzes ($119), Silvers ($293) and Golds ($586) at Noon. By the end of the first hour over 80% of the Tins will be sold. The same will happen in the following hours for the rest of the leagues. Our orphans always sell very fast (all times are Eastern).

We do encourage you to mark this on your calendar for the week after Father’s Day so you arrive on time. If you have never created an account with us, I would encourage you to do so now, it only takes 20 seconds (no financial information will be requested). But this way if you see an orphan you like you can buy it instead of creating an account and losing the orphan to someone else. If it is 10:00 and there are no orphans on the page, refresh the screen, we will start posting at exactly 10:00 am Eastern Time.

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The 15th Great Orphaning starts at 10:00am on Sunday, June 23rd

If you have any questions please email us at –

Currently Available OrphansClick here for the list of current available Orphan Teams. has been in business since 2008 and we have never folded a dynasty league.

After looking over an orphans roster and coming back to the orphan page we always encourage people to refresh the page prior to clicking the buy button. This way if the orphan has sold while you were looking at the roster, the orphan will be removed from the page.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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